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How mixed-age air bubbles ‘smear’ the climate record - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves Jun 18, 2014

Victoria University’s Dr Ruzica Dadic It may be as slow as watching paint dry, but measuring how fast air bubbles move through slices of ice is far from boring. The slow sublimation of gas bubbles under a temperature gradient in ice cores tells Victoria University’s Dr Ruzica Dadic a complex story about how much we might be missing … Read More

'Censored' IPCC summary reveals jockeying for key UN climate talks - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 24, 2014

By David Stern, Australian National University In the wake of this month’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on ways to cut global greenhouse gas emissions, accusations began to fly in the media that the report had been censored by governments. Are these accusations true? Well no, not exactly. Parts were edited out of … Read More

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