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The Great Disruption - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Mar 29, 2011

Australian Paul Gilding straddles the NGO and corporate worlds. A former international head of Greenpeace, he subsequently moved into consultancy with global corporations and others on the transition to sustainability. Transition can sound a comfortingly gradual process, but that’s far from the case with the transition foreseen in his striking new book The Great Disruption: [...] … Read More

Buying denial: Koch caught in the act - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 02, 2010

Greenpeace has been digging.  It has unearthed Koch Industries as a major funder of climate change denial groups. A new 44 page report tells the story. It fits well with  their more widely-scoped report Dealing in Doubt to which Gareth drew attention recently. I was unaware of Koch Industries and, according to Greenpeace, that’s also the [...] … Read More

How not to negotiate #1 - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Oct 01, 2009

New Zealand’s commitment to piffling and highly conditional emissions targets appears to have been weakened even further by chief negotiator Adrian Macey’s admission in an interview with Point Carbon that if the conditions aren’t met: “…we reserve the right to drop (our target) below 10 per cent.” As Geoff Key of Greenpeace notes, this is like holding [...] … Read More

’We’re screwed’ — New York tabloid bites climate bullet - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Sep 22, 2009

The New York Post, Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid flagship in the big apple, has published a “special edition” to welcome the 100 world leaders who are gathering in the city to discuss climate change at the UN. Screaming in best tabloid fashion “We’re Screwed”, the paper paints a telling picture of what life will be like [...] … Read More

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