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Christchurch earthquake, buildings and acceleration maps - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 29, 2011

Just released by the Royal Society of New Zealand today (June 29th, 2011) is an information paper The Canterbury Earthquakes: Answers to critical questions about buildings (PDF file, 718kb). It’s well worth reading - not just for those in Christchurch, but anyone in earthquake-prone areas in New Zealand or elsewhere, or the merely curious. Read More

More Power, Less Acceleration - The Science of Architecture

Ken Collins Mar 16, 2011

Lyttleton's Time Ball Station from the Stuff web site Just a quick update today, following on from the theme of the last post, and the horror of the devastation Japan is now experiencing. With the NZ government announcing a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the building collapses in Christchurch, it has been interesting to observe people’s perceptions, from politicians all … Read More