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A public health perspective on taxing harmful products - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Apr 17, 2018

Prof Nick Wilson, Prof Tony Blakely, Dr Amanda Jones, Dr Linda Cobiac, Dr Nhung Nghiem, Dr Anja Mizdrak, Dr Cristina Cleghorn The New Zealand Government has set up a Tax Working Group to consider reforms of the tax system. In this blog we briefly discuss some of the opportunities for tax reform that will potentially improve health and lower … Read More

And now the Brits are doing it: A sugary drink tax levy on the industry - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Apr 03, 2018

Prof Tony Blakely, Prof Nick Wilson, Dr Anja Mizdrak, Dr Cristina Cleghorn From 1 April 2018, the UK is putting in place a type of sugary drinks tax – actually a “soft drinks industry levy”. This blog reviews how they are doing it, early signs of its success, and ponders its relevance for NZ.  We also take this opportunity to … Read More

GST at the border - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton May 04, 2015

Bronwyn Howell kindly walked me through what seems the least hassle-ridden way of collecting GST at the border (other than Seamus's proposal): offload it onto the domestic end of the good's shipment. The mechanism, if I understand it properly, would work as follows, with all confusions being mine.When you order something online from a foreign shipper, they have to … Read More

GST confusion - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Apr 19, 2015

In last week's NZ Initiative "Insights" newsletter, I'd hit on public misunderstandings around GST. People think taking GST off food would be strongly progressive, because poor people spend a greater fraction of their income on food, but richer cohorts get a much larger fraction of the total benefit because they spend more in total on food. If you want … Read More

A low cost way to help the retailers - The Dismal Science

Seamus Hogan Apr 05, 2015

Eric asks, If Hartford, or anybody else, is able to come up some better way of processing GST at the border, without imposing undue hassle on either those who might be deterred from exporting to New Zealand or on Kiwi shoppers, and without collection costs that exceed the value of the GST collected, that would be great. I’ll quibble … Read More

Protecting retailers - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Mar 27, 2015

Retail NZ spokesman Greg Hartford explains why he believes GST on imports is important:But Retail New Zealand spokesman Greg Hartford says the proposed online GST idea will help retailers that can’t compete with foreign websites. He says the cost to the government of not having an online GST system is somewhere above $200 million a year and adds that … Read More

The retailers respond - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Feb 03, 2015

Retail NZ's Greg Harford replies to my piece on maintaining the GST-threshold: While Government must balance potential revenue with the costs of collection when considering the GST loophole, the negative effects on local retailers are an important part of the equation. Difficult conditions for local businesses have flow-on effects that impact the whole economy including reduced employment (which … Read More

Online GST revisited - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Feb 02, 2015

While pretty much all goods and services consumed in New Zealand attract GST, imported goods under $400 are GST-exempt; IRD generally reckons the cost of collecting the tariff to be higher than the taxes collected.As Australia's debates around reducing or abolishing its GST-free threshold have sparked renewed NZ-retailer pushes for its removal here, I wrote a short piece for NZ … Read More

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