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(Not So Simple) Twist Of Fate - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Feb 21, 2012

Something I didn’t expect: Peter Gleick, the director of the Pacific Institute, a vocal opponent of climate denial and a highly respected scientist, turns out to have been behind the leak of the Heartland Institute board meeting documents that have been creating waves for the last week. Gleick made the admission in an article at [...] … Read More

To boldly go… to a low carbon future - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jan 08, 2012

I liked the sub-heading to a Guardian article on Friday. “The theory that cutting carbon emissions costs us growth is bunk, in fact, it’s an economic opportunity.” The article itself is a little less exuberant in its expression, understandably given that one of its authors, Vinod Thomas (pictured), is director general for independent evaluation at [...] … Read More

Vidal’s voyage to Durban - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 28, 2011

How better to journey to the climate conference at Durban than through the African countries along the way which are already grappling with climate change? That’s the route John Vidal, the Guardian’s environment editor, has been following over the past ten days and reporting on in a series of articles. He started in Egypt. The [...] … Read More

Grim news on emissions - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker May 30, 2011

The Guardian, with the exception of the foolishness of its analysis of the climategate emails, is one of the world media’s bright spots when it comes to recognising and communicating the realities of climate change. It carried grim news yesterday. Environment correspondent Fiona Harvey reported International Energy Agency (IEA) unpublished estimates that greenhouse gas emissions [...] … Read More

Ratcliffe coal protesters invited to appeal conviction - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 20, 2011

The defence of the Ratcliffe coal power plant protesters in the UK, charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass, was that they were acting through “necessity” to prevent death and serious injury caused by carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. James Hansen was among the defence witnesses, testifying to the reality of the danger from [...] … Read More

Can Cancún’s COP deliver? - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Nov 30, 2010

Another year, another Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, number 16 in a series that looks set to run and run. Mexico is the host, Cancún the seaside resort where thousands of diplomats, negotiators, activists and apparatchiks are gathering to have another go at sorting out a successor [...] … Read More

Under African skies - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 03, 2010

Guardian journalist Madeleine Bunting has been in Mali, learning how it is affected by climate change. In an article published on Sunday she wrote of her visit to the remote town of Anakila where an enormous encroaching sand dune threatens. “For years now, the elders explain, they have been worried by climate change. Disrupted rain [...] … Read More

Anyway, anyhow, anywhere - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Oct 05, 2010

Two modestly hopeful signs from the political world struck me when reading today’s Guardian news. One was the opening of the climate change talks at Tainjin in China aimed at refining possible goals for the Cancun talks in November-December. The comment of Oxfam observer Kelly Dent attracted my attention. Oxfam is a careful watchdog of [...] … Read More

Tropical ice land: climate change hits Peruvians - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 23, 2010

“It may not be strictly scientific, but anthropological observation like this is invaluable because in the end, people’s interpretation of the events they see around them count as much as or more than any peer-reviewed paper.” Guardian journalist John  Vidal has been with other writers on an Oxfam-guided tour of Peru and Ecuador  to see [...] … Read More

Major newspaper opts for science blogging - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Sep 01, 2010

British newspaper, the Guardian, already home to the column of Bad Science writer Ben Goldacre, has gathered a small but very good collection of science bloggers to present as Guardian Science Blogs. [caption id="attachment_3786" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Stromatolites from Bolivia (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)"][/caption] The science-writing internet has seen a lot of developments … Read More