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What can go wrong in the blood? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 27, 2017

Maher Gandhi, The University of Queensland and Huyen Tran, Monash University While blood is essential for human life, there are many things that can go wrong. And as it travels around the body and flows through every organ, problems in the blood can have wide-ranging implications for our health. There are countless problems that can occur … Read More

Haemophilia – towards a cure using genetic engineering - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 28, 2011

Science fiction has humans cured of genetic diseases by tailored re-engineering of their genes. It’s coming closer to a reality, with a recent report on treating mice with haemophilia B by re-engineering the ‘broken’ gene in mice. Haemophilia B Haemophilia is an inherited genetic disorder that disrupts blood clotting. Read More