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Drugs & children’s hair - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Feb 15, 2011

It was very interesting to read the results of ESR’s recent media release: Hair samples reveal P lab kids’ long term exposure to methamphetamine.  I’ve seen many cases involving meth labs and manufacture, using swabs from surfaces to determine whether or not methamphetamine could have been manufactured in a given location.  Using hair analysis results [...] … Read More

Date rape drink spiking: Nelson & London - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Dec 11, 2010

I received a comment on a previous blog post today, one that dealt with spiking of drinks with date-rape drugs: date rape drink spiking: is it real? The entire comment was “This has happened to me and alcohol was a minor factor. I had 3 units before my drink was spiked and as for as [...] … Read More