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Hayabusa movies might be a plus for science - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Feb 14, 2012

Over the weekend, the second of three films (four if you include a documentary originally made for planetariums that was later released on the big screen) about the spacecraft Hayabusa opened in movie theatres across Japan. Hayabusa (Japanese for Falcon) was the first unmanned spacecraft that traveled to an asteroid, collected a sample of it, and came back to Earth … Read More

Space capsule touches down in South Australia - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jun 14, 2010

My colleague at the Australian Science Media Centre, Nigel Kerby had a late night last night, waiting up in the desolate surrounds of South Australia’s Woomera test range for the Japanese space capsule Hayabusa to touch down. Scientists from Japan, the US and Australia, and including New Zealander Trevor Ireland had gathered over the weekend to watch the … Read More