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Much scope for improvement: The NZ Health Research Strategy - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Jul 18, 2016

By Professor Nick Wilson The Government deserves congratulations for coming up with a Health Research Strategy. But the current Discussion Document needs a firmer strategic outlook with greater coherence. In this Perspective Blog a simple SWOT analysis is conducted and an alternative Vision Statement is proposed. It makes a lot of sense for a country to have a health … Read More

Clinical trials – New Zealand is missing the boat - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 21, 2011

I’m at the NZBio conference in Auckland over the next couple of days, so in a good position to see what is preoccupying the country’s biotechnology sector. One simmering issue has already been aired – the ad hoc and often ineffective way we approach conducting clinical trials of drugs and treatments in New Zealand. According to scientists, “big pharma” representatives … Read More