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Healthy eating linked to happiness in children - News

Jean Balchin Dec 14, 2017

“I’ll start eating healthily… tomorrow.” We’ve all said it, and inevitably, we’ve all fallen prey to that tempting slice of pizza or that luscious slice of chocolate cake. But it’s clear that a healthy diet has its benefits, and recently, an international team of researchers have found a link to better self esteem for kids … Read More

Will the Health Star Rating labels improve people’s diets? - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Jul 17, 2014

Dr Ninya Maubach (ninya.maubach@otago.ac.nz) Consumers have a right to have informative yet easy-to-use nutrition labelling, and effective labelling is one tool to help control the epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Everyone agrees that on its own, the current Nutrition Information Panel … Continue reading → … Read More

Action needed to halt New Zealand’s obesity epidemic: Themes from Big Food Symposium - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Feb 19, 2014

Associate Professor Louise Signal International and national public health experts and delegates met on Monday this week to consider how to address New Zealand’s (NZ’s) increasing obesity epidemic. While they welcome the new Healthy Families NZ community-based initiative recently announced … Continue reading → … Read More

Obesity at last on Government agenda, but will Healthy Families NZ be good enough ? - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Feb 07, 2014

Professor Boyd Swinburn, Professor of Population Nutrition and Global Health, University of Auckland, and, Co-Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention, Deakin University The Government announced the Healthy Families NZ initiative to tackle our escalating obesity crisis. It will be … Continue reading → … Read More

Market deregulation → ↑ fast food consumption → ↑ obesity. Clever international study that includes NZ data - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Feb 05, 2014

Professor Tony Blakely. A clever study just published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization has analyzed how changes in fast food transactions per capita within 25 high-income countries was associated with changes in body mass index (BMI).  The … Continue reading → … Read More

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