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Hearing loss and social isolation – the silent burden - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Jul 26, 2021

Feature image: this picture was chosen as it illustrates two elderly people in each other’s company. Tying in with the theme of hearing loss and social isolation, this depicts the importance of connection to each other and the world in which we live. Charlotte Gordon* Untreated hearing loss is a large direct cause of disability and is associated with increased … Read More

Why Ryanair passengers were bleeding from the ears - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 18, 2018

Adam Taylor, Lancaster University A Ryanair flight from Dublin to Croatia had to make an emergency landing in Frankfurt recently after the cabin lost pressure. Following the ordeal, 33 passengers were treated in hospital, with some bleeding from their ears. So why did the sudden descent cause ears to bleed? Aircraft usually fly at an altitude above … Read More

Explainer: why you can hear gravitational waves when things collide in the universe - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 14, 2018

David Blair, University of Western Australia This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Whenever there’s an announcement of a new discovery of gravitational waves there is usually an accompanying sound, such as this: We have only detected half a dozen signals so far. The first five are black holes whose … Read More

Opinion: Non-verbal communication is important - Guest Work

Jean Balchin Feb 27, 2018

On Friday, October 13, at about 11.30pm, a blood clot travelled up from my father’s heart to the left side of his brain. Here, it lodged itself in an artery, and promptly caused a stroke. I don’t know how Dad felt about this, or whether he knew what was happening, because he hasn’t been able to speak since then. It’s … Read More

Listen up: many farmed fish are hard of hearing – here’s why it matters - Guest Work

Guest Author May 03, 2016

By Tim Dempster, University of Melbourne and Stephen Swearer, University of Melbourne The swift rise of aquaculture as a major supplier of protein to the world is a remarkable story of rapid domestication of marine and freshwater animals. Just a few years ago, the world produced more tonnage of farmed fish than it … Read More

Bionic ears let the deaf hear - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Sep 17, 2013

There’s a lot of talk about a coming future of ‘bionic’ devices, aiding those with sensory and motor disabilities. In reality ‘bionic’ sensory devices have already been with us for over 30 years in hundreds of thousands of people. The  cochlear implant is a ‘bonic ear’ that enables many deaf people to hear. [caption id="attachment_11816" align="alignright" width="220"] … Read More

Earmuffs in Pre-school? - The Science of Architecture

Ken Collins Jun 01, 2010

I had promised the next blog would be my second part to the Leaky Homes blog, and it is on its way. However, this article in the Dominion Post caught the eyes of the team in our office. Do we really need to put earmuffs on our pre-schoolers when they are at Playcentre or other Pre-school facilities? While the … Read More

Getting up to speed with sound localisation - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Feb 25, 2010

Funny how we are really good, for the most part, at knowing where sounds are coming from. And it is funny since the ear provides the brain with no direct information about the actual relationship in space of different sound sources. Instead, the brain makes use of what happens to the sound as it reaches [...] … Read More

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