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Temperature is not Heat - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 03, 2013

First things first. PhysicsStop is back on-line after an enjoyable two-week break in warm and sunny southern England. Second things second. What advice can anyone give to the parents of a fourteen-month-old with jetlag who insists that 4 am is time to get up, have breakfast, and feed the chickens (or the "Choo Chuk" as he calls them)? … Read More

Hotspot and Silicone Tape - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Aug 09, 2013

Well, today's big story is just perfect for PhysicsStop. Cricket meets physics. What more could I ask for.In case you've just arrived from Alpha Centauri,  there have been accusations flying that both English and Australian batsmen have been tryin... Read More

Don’t cook the baby - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 31, 2013

 Last week we had a new oven installed. Our old el-cheapo one that came with the house was never in Karen's good books. Small, dirty, incapable of getting to a high temperature and generally giving the impression that it was about to die at any mo... Read More

The power of steam - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 18, 2013

Over Christmas, we were staying with my wife's sister and her family in Dunedin. Early one morning (sometime before I got up, anyway - that is my definition of early) a loud 'bang' came from the direction of the kitchen, followed by the sound of eight ... Read More

Back to work - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jul 25, 2012

It's been great having time off work with Karen and Benjamin, but, as they say, all good things come to an end. So today it's back to work, with my first class in about an hour and a half. I spent my final afternoon of parental leave probing the underl... Read More