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Estuary water quality for ecosystem health and recreation, Christchurch - Waiology

Waiology Dec 04, 2013

By Lesley Bolton-Ritchie The quality of the water in an estuary influences the health, abundance and survival of the plants and animals that live in or pass through it and the suitability of estuary water for contact recreation. For the plants and animals it is the concentration of toxicants and oxygen in the water that can affect the survival … Read More

The rise and fall of the Heathcote River - Waiology

Waiology Aug 17, 2012

By Daniel Collins It would have been hard to miss the deluge that washed over the country this past week. Otago and Canterbury were particularly affected, with flood damage in Waitaki District estimated at about $1 million. Minor flooding also occurred around Christchurch, with the lower reaches of the Avon, Heathcote and Styx Rivers overflowing their … Read More