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Christchurch Update…the demolition list - Digging the Dirt

Brigid Gallagher Apr 04, 2011

On Friday April 1, a list was released that announced the fate of 68 heritage buildings, amongst others.   Designated for demolition, partial demolition or to make safe, the names of recognisable buildings are visible.  Of the 68, 43 are to be demolished 9 are to be made safe 16 are to be partially demolished But what does this mean? … Read More

Time will Tell for the Timeball - Digging the Dirt

Brigid Gallagher Mar 23, 2011

This week I have had the opportunity to go through photographs taken of the Lyttleton Timeball station in its current disabled state.  The photography was taken during the recording of the Station using high resolution digital photography, Total Station survey and 3D laser scanning, and reported here  As I looked at the photography taken by Raysan Al-Kubaisi, I was … Read More

What Archaeologists are doing in Christchurch – additions welcome! - Digging the Dirt

Brigid Gallagher Mar 19, 2011

I thought it would be interesting to review some of the activities that archaeologists and conservators have been involved in within Christchurch this past week.  This information has been collated from a variety of sources, if there is any misrepresentation or inaccuracies please let me know.  If there anything to add to this, it would be great to hear it. Read More

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