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Do Patents Really Have Nothing to do With Innovation? - Stick

Peter Kerr Feb 16, 2012

A guest blog – Doug Calhoun’s recent comments, here and here, on the potential fate of NZ IP law encouraged sticK to ask Doug to write more fully As Stephen Joyce, the new minister both of science and innovation and … Continue reading → … Read More

High-value manufacturing R&D review sure to cause some ripples - Stick

Peter Kerr Apr 19, 2011

The review and report about how R&D can better support NZ’s high-value manufacturing and services sector should be made public pretty soon. It should be interesting reading – especially given that its authors had less than a month to carry … Continue reading → … Read More

Quick high-tech sector review a precursor to R&D changes? - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 09, 2011

So, the Ministry of Science & Innovation’s conducting a review to see how research and development can provide better support to NZ’s high-value manufacturing and services sector. One has to suspect this review and report will be the precursor justification … Continue reading → … Read More