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Walking in water: First trip to the Pararaha Stream - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Sep 27, 2017

The track wasn’t marked on the map. It was supposed to be for experienced hikers only.  I’d decided to tackle the Pararaha Stream from the Lone Kauri Road end. It’s an area of the Waitakere Ranges I hadn’t explored before, so I was unsure what to expect.  I guessed I’d need my hands free. So the tripod was carried in a tripod … Read More

All abuzz about a new way to get a buzz on: the Palcohol debacle - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf Apr 27, 2014

Will powdered alcohol if it becomes available be used sensibly or become just another societal problem? Image source: Wikimedia Commons uploaded by Jodie Veitch In the last week media and social media alike have been buzzing about the potential release of powdered alcohol named Palcohol by a US Arizona-based company Lipsmark. I … Read More