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Wellcome diversions - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 21, 2010

Looking for intriguing short stories of medicine, modern and old, to browse a while? Sickle (in front, orange) and normal red blood cell. Sickle cell anaemia is a genetically-inherited trait that affects red blood cells but provides resistance to malaria. (Source: Wellcome Images, available under Creative Commons licence.) Check out the Wellcome Collection. Read More

Explore ancient science books on-line - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Dec 14, 2009

Read ancient science books on-line in their original form. Recently I introduced the Royal Society of London’s 350 anniversary Trailblazing website portraying historic work and providing links to the originals from the pages of the Philosophical Transactions. If you haven’t seen this already, check it out. (Source: NLM) I’ve just … Read More