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We know why short-statured people of Flores became small – but for the extinct ‘Hobbit’ it’s not so clear - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 04, 2018

Michael Westaway, Griffith University and Francis David Bulbeck, Australian National University Humans are diverse in size and shape – but some populations are of relatively low average height, and historically described using the term “pygmy”. Some researchers have suggested that the Rampasasa inhabitants of the Flores highlands of Indonesia are one such group. A paper published … Read More

A 700,000-year-old fossil find shows the Hobbits’ ancestors were even smaller - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 09, 2016

By Gerrit (Gert) van den Bergh, University of Wollongong and Adam Brumm, Griffith University It was back in October 2004 when archaeologists first unveiled the partial skeleton of a tiny, small-brained hominin previously unknown to science, now known as Homo floresiensis. These “Hobbit”-like creatures first appeared at Liang Bua cave, on the Indonesian island … Read More

Hobbit production videos - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 02, 2012

(Not very science-y,* but hopefully I can be forgiven late on a Friday night for promoting a New Zealand endeavour?) As The Hobbit is being created, the studio is releasing a series of production videos. They’re up to number 6 now. This one will give you some idea of the scale of the travelling circus … Read More

Peter Jackson — Satan’s Little Helper’ - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Dec 29, 2011

Who would have thought it! Turns out New Zealand film director Peter Jackson is working for Satan! So Christians for a Moral America have got in early and announced a boycott of his Hobbit movies (see  BOYCOTT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hobbit … Continue reading → … Read More