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NBN – To Be or Not to Be // UFB -Steady as she goes - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Aug 10, 2010

As we approach the Australian federal elections, the future of NBN (National Broadband Network) is on the chopping block. I follow passionately the current debate, because the outcome, whichever way it goes, will have major repercussions for Australia’s economy. I have written about this project several times in the past, and am a firm believer in the long-term benefits of … Read More

China and Free Internet Speech - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Jan 24, 2010

I try to avoid politics here. We live in our own countries and we deserve (dit-on) the government we elect. But when we discuss the Internet and Next Generation Networks, we also need to discuss what goes over those networks around the world. One interesting article about the current Google versus China debate can be found … Read More

Amazing! Thanks to Benoît Felten for this snippet! - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Nov 03, 2009

100Mb/s guaranteed bandwidth for US$13/month… from HKBN! Posted: 02 Nov 2009 01:00 AM PST Yesterday HKBN made an announcement that they were lowering the price of their bandwidth guaranteed 100Mb/s symmetric fiber service in Hong-Kong to HK$99, roughly US$13. HKBN already is one of the only providers worldwide to offer 1Gb/s symmetric service, and the only one (to … Read More