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Friday Geek Comedy Hour: Pick-up lines - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Dec 18, 2009

A short collection of "scientific" pick up lines. The list below is inspired by a short blog post "Best Geek Pickup Line Ever"  by Ed Brayton who writes Dispatches from the Culture Wars. I've trawled the 'net and added a few more, avoiding the truly tasteless. Trust me, there are plenty of those... Read More

[Open] Science Sunday — 6.12.09 - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Dec 06, 2009

These are some of the fun (and more serious) stuff I found around the magic world of the internet and Open Access. I give my favourite tweet this week to @MsBehaviour (again) for pointing her tweeps to the Manchester Manifesto. Her tweet links to a great post on the University of Manchester that summarises the issues [...] … Read More

The Ig Nobel Prizes: And the winner is… - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Oct 02, 2009

What do you get if you put together the audience of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and a science achievements awards ceremony? The Ig Nobel Prizes! The 2009 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony was held today in Sanders Theater, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to their website the “Ig Nobel prizes honor achievements that first make people laugh [...] … Read More