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What makes wetlands wet lands? - Waiology

Waiology Feb 04, 2013

By Daniel Collins The simple answer is, of course, water. But that says little about the natural history of wetlands, or what physical conditions are necessary to maintain, restore or even engineer them. For that, we need to take a closer look at wetland hydrology. Wetlands are tracts of land that are water-logged at least seasonally. They may be spongy … Read More

Waiology moving from water cycle to freshwater sciences - Waiology

Waiology Nov 26, 2012

By Daniel Collins After over a year serving New Zealand as a source of information and discussion on hydrology and the water cycle, I am pleased to announce that Waiology is expanding its scope to freshwater sciences and allied disciplines more generally. This includes all things hydrological, as before, but also aquatic ecology and chemistry, fluvial geomorphology, hydraulic engineering, and … Read More

Where to get information on NZ hydrology - Waiology

Waiology Dec 08, 2011

By Daniel Collins While we’re building up Waiology to be a useful reference for those of you who are interested in New Zealand’s hydrology and freshwaters, I thought it would also be good to mention some other useful resources available. BOOKS Freshwaters of New Zealand. Edited by Jon Harding, Paul Mosley, Charles Pearson and Brian Sorrell. Jointly published in … Read More

On ‘Ever Wondered’ this week: New Zealand’s water resources - Waiology

Waiology Sep 13, 2011

By Daniel Collins For those of you with access to Freeview, TVNZ7’s ‘Ever Wondered?’ is covering New Zealand’s water resources this week (just water quantity, not water quality). Three NIWA scientists were interviewed for the show, myself included. The programme is on at 7:05pm Thursday, 15 September, and again on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. I don’t yet know how … Read More

Why Waiology? - Waiology

Waiology Jun 02, 2011

By Daniel Collins Water (‘wai’ in te reo Maori) is one of NZ’s most precious resources. We drink it, we eat food grown with it, we power our homes and businesses with it, we play in it, and we are mentally and spiritually uplifted by it and by what it brings. But despite being relatively water-rich on an international stage, … Read More