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De-extinction: more hype than hope - Wild Science

Helen Taylor Mar 08, 2017

Efforts to resurrect extinct species could divert funding away from conserving extant species, but a more basic issue with “de-extinction” is the misinformation surrounding the topic. A recent study by New Zealand and Australian researchers puts a price on “de-extinction”. The team also estimate how many native extant species might be lost by directing these funds away from existing … Read More

F1000 Research (squeee!), Higgs hyping and string theory - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jan 31, 2012

Huzzah, more open science news! Plans were released today for the launch of F1000 Research, an F1000 initiative. F1000, for those for whom the name doesn’t ring a bell, are the ‘Faculty of 1000, which release post-publication peer reviews of scientific literature. They often do big metareviews. And they are, at least to my knowledge, [...] … Read More

Overhyping (Nano)technology - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Feb 12, 2011

The other day I was channel surfing and caught the end of a short clip on nanotechnology on one of the documentary channels. I thought this would be interesting to watch as I am off to A Big Discussion About Small Things at the Christchurch College of Education next week.  However I was very annoyed to hear the presenter make a very … Read More