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Ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica predicted to bring more frequent extreme weather - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 07, 2019

Nick Golledge, Victoria University of Wellington Last week, rivers froze over in Chicago when it got colder than at the North Pole. At the same time, temperatures hit 47℃ in Adelaide during the peak of a heatwave. Such extreme and unpredictable weather is likely to get worse as ice sheets at both poles continue to melt. Our … Read More

How ice sheets collapse: a lesson from the past - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 20, 2016

Chris Stokes, Durham University Antarctica and Greenland may be two of the most remote places on Earth but what happens in both these vast landscapes can significantly impact on human activity further afield. Recent changes seen in vast ice sheets could have serious implications for millions of people around the world who live in coastal areas. These … Read More

Reflections of a Sound - Journeys to the ice

Matthew Wood Aug 25, 2010

When you’re spending US$15M to drill a hole, you want to make sure it’s in the right place. In the austral summer of ’05/’06, it was still a year until bits would start chewing through rock beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf (MIS) in the first phase of the ANtarctic DRILLing (ANDRILL) Project. The international … Read More

Polar ice keeps melting – whichever way you look at it - Degrees of Change

Andy Reisinger Oct 15, 2009

At the risk of banging on and on about it: another research article just out today from the prestigious journal Nature has used satellite-based measurements to show that the thinning of glaciers that are draining the Greenland and key parts of the Antarctic ice sheet is increasingly widespread. A quote from the abstract: “We … Read More