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Widespread collapse of West Antarctica’s ice sheet is avoidable if we keep global warming below 2℃ - The Changing Climate

Guest Author Oct 19, 2021

Dan Lowry, GNS Science; Mario Krapp, GNS Science, and Nick Golledge, Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington   Rising seas are already making storm damage more costly, adding to the impact on about 700 million people who live in low-lying coastal areas at risk of flooding. Scientists expect sea-level rise will exacerbate the damage from storm … Read More

Antarctic ice going fast: Larsen C ice shelf primed for giant calving event - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Mar 02, 2015

The Larsen C ice shelf on the east coast of the Antarctic peninsula is primed for a giant iceberg calving event, and could be heading for total collapse — similar to the fate of the Larsen B ice shelf in 2002, according to scientists monitoring the ice. A huge crack (above: hover over the picture […] … Read More

ANZICE Part 4: Climate Models - Journeys to the ice

Matthew Wood Jun 22, 2010

Suspended by string from the ceiling of my tween-years bedroom, the wooden skeletons of prehistoric reptiles jostled for space among enamel-coated Harrier jets and Hellcats, sculpted in miniature from cast plastic and balsa. And I wonder why I never had a girlfriend back then? The point is I loved models. I clearly remember being thrilled by … Read More

ANZICE Part 2: Antarctic Climate Drivers - Journeys to the ice

Matthew Wood May 24, 2010

To ask the question, ’How will Antarctica respond to a warmer world?’ is similar to pondering, ’What was the weather like in the United States last century?’ In both cases there are multiple layers of complexity — from persistent regional disparities to variability on a range of timescales — yet this is a question being tackled by Earth … Read More