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Ways NZ can increase its refugee quota - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Sep 07, 2015

New Zealand’s refugee quota, at 750 per year, hasn’t increased in decades. Here are a few ways it could be increased given the constraint that central government doesn’t really seem to want to increase it. Kickstarter. If the government reckons it costs some amount to support new refugees, raise a pile of money on PledgeMe, divide it by that number, … Read More

Let’s take in more talent from overseas – and quickly - The Dismal Science

Donal Curtin Nov 26, 2014

The latest net migration figures got a fair amount of media airtime, and even though a fair slab of it was on the invidious "aren't we doing better than Australia" track, the numbers were still pretty impressive - we had the biggest ever annual level of net immigration in the October '14 year (+47,700), beating the previous records set in … Read More