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“Additionality”: How will we know the National Science Challenges are making a difference? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 13, 2017

by Professor Sally Davenport Many of us in the innovation system have been hearing this ‘additionality’ word a lot recently. For some it’s an odd term they have never heard before and, relative to many words, it is a youngster. It apparently first surfaced in the 1950s as a concept in economics. Sally Davenport The Oxford Dictionary defines … Read More

Five things to consider when designing a policy to measure research impact - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 13, 2017

By Andrew Gunn, University of Leeds and Michael Mintrom, Monash University.  This year will see the Australian government pilot new ways to measure the impact of university research. As recommended by the Watt Review, the Engagement and Impact Assessment will encourage universities to ensure academic research produces wider economic and social benefits. This fits into … Read More

Tobacco tax increases: new model measures impact - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert May 30, 2016

By Frederieke Sanne van der Deen, Nick Wilson, Tony Blakely On Thursday the NZ Government announced it would continue it’s programme of yearly 10% tobacco tax increases for the years 2017 to 2020 inclusive. Using our peer-reviewed BODE3 forecasting model, we project that with these additional four years of tax increases smoking prevalence in 2020 will be 21.4% for Māori … Read More