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Incentives matter: drug mules file - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Aug 05, 2014

This is the abstract of a new paper The market for mules: Risk and compensation of cross-border drug couriers by David Bjerk and Caleb Mason in the International Review of Law and Economics, Volume 39, August 2014, Pages 58–72.This paper uses a unique dataset to examine the economics of cross-border drug smuggling. Our results reveal that … Read More

Kling on non-profits - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jul 26, 2013

Arnold Kling writes, James Piereson writes, For much of U.S. history, nonprofits have operated as a check on government by providing private avenues to serve the public interest. Unfortunately, American charities—and more broadly, the entire nonprofit sector—have become a creature of big government… The publication Giving USA, which tracks charitable spending, reports that the government now supplies one-third … Read More