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Factor shares - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Apr 04, 2014

By the time this post is up, I should have finished Capital in the 21st Century.  However, I write my posts well in advance – so this isn’t really about it. For the next three weeks (starting Monday) I am going to have different posts up about historic “schools” of looking at factor shares, all […] … Read More

IMF on redistribution and growth - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Mar 05, 2014

Last month I noticed a piece from the IMF “redistribution, inequality, and growth”.  It came out after my post on “Okun’s leaky bucket” and I was pretty happy to see the piece – as it was actual empirical research stating that the policy trade-offs are more complicated than some grand “equality vs efficiency” policy choice. […] … Read More

Why inequality? A reply - The Dismal Science

Bill Kaye-Blake Feb 07, 2014

Paul Walker asked a question recently — why are some of us focusing on inequality? That started a discussion on the Dismal Science feed at Sciblogs. Since I’ve been implicated by link, I figured I should say something. Why inequality? Well, first, other people are talking about inequality, but they are getting it wrong. One […] … Read More

Some links against a Living Wage - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Jan 07, 2014

With the Living Wage idea cropping up around the place, I’ve noticed a couple of places where there have been criticisms of the result: A review by Brian Scott, where he points out that many of the defined “needs” required to get this wage are in fact not things some people in society would put […] … Read More