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Details of economic perceptions in US - The Dismal Science

Bill Kaye-Blake Mar 25, 2014

The Pew Research Centre reviewed some interesting results. They start off saying that there’s a puzzle: One of the biggest political puzzles of 2014 is why the public remains so bearish about the economy, and in turn critical of Barack Obama’s stewardship of it, given clear signs that economic indicators are improving. First, they have […] … Read More

Why inequality? A reply - The Dismal Science

Bill Kaye-Blake Feb 07, 2014

Paul Walker asked a question recently — why are some of us focusing on inequality? That started a discussion on the Dismal Science feed at Sciblogs. Since I’ve been implicated by link, I figured I should say something. Why inequality? Well, first, other people are talking about inequality, but they are getting it wrong. One […] … Read More

Another entry in the inequality discussion - The Dismal Science

Bill Kaye-Blake Feb 06, 2014

Pattrick Smellie’s column yesterday highlighted that Brian Easton has a new publication on inequality. Easton’s work is based in part on the thorough MSD report by Bryan Perry, which was highlighted in comments early this week (h/t Mary). Apparently, Easton is less complimentary about the Rashbrooke book, which I’ve covered before (here, here, and here). That […] … Read More

Education policy: solving the wrong problem - The Dismal Science

Bill Kaye-Blake Jan 24, 2014

The big political news yesterday was the announcement by National of a new education policy. It will put in place a few experts — super-principals and super-teachers — to oversee and guide schools and regular principals and teachers. And, it will pay them a premium. The usual economic models I use don’t seem to apply […] … Read More

Some links against a Living Wage - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Jan 07, 2014

With the Living Wage idea cropping up around the place, I’ve noticed a couple of places where there have been criticisms of the result: A review by Brian Scott, where he points out that many of the defined “needs” required to get this wage are in fact not things some people in society would put […] … Read More