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A different view of an inflation/price level target: No-monetization commitment - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Nov 28, 2012

In New Zealand a strange thing is happening.  While other countries are looking at making their inflation targets more explicit following the crisis, and many more countries are debating whether to use a level or growth target (eg the NGDP target is essentially a price level target with some flexibility – while flexible inflation targeting [...] … Read More

An important warning regarding the monetary policy fine-tuning - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Oct 03, 2012

A recent opinion piece in the Herald, pitting Don Brash and Brendan Doyle in to debate the issue of monetary policy was good.  They seemed to agree that, ultimately, any issue is one of the real exchange rate – which is due to real economy factors.  A point I’ve heard a number of times before [...] … Read More