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The Internet of Things - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Sep 02, 2011

An interesting infographic from Cisco forecasts the anticipated growth of devices connected over the internet. It notes that the number of things connected to the internet in 2008 was greater than the world population. By 2020 it predicts that 50 billion things will be connected — from cows to household appliances. This assumes that Internet Protocol version 6 is … Read More

“Just So Science” – How the Horizon was Crafted - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge Apr 29, 2011

This is somewhat of a follow-on from my earlier post about the ideas that sprung from the Science and Innovation in Education Forum. I’ll do my best to explain each idea in the context that it was created, the issues it’s attempting to address, and physically how it will be achieved. That said I certainly don’t … Read More

The world still needs Wikileaks - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Feb 02, 2010

In the days before the internet journalists the world over hoped and prayed for the day when the plain manila envelope turned up in the post crammed with sensitive documents sent by a whistleblower. Wikileaks: The motherlode of leaked documents When I worked on the Herald editing the tech section, such a bundle turned up one day and produced a … Read More

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