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How to make money from your science - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Nov 22, 2009

The MacDiarmid Institute held its annual meeting at the University of Auckland this year.  This year’s theme was ’How to make money from your $cience’.  Our students and post-docs participated, along with a number of students from Singapore.  The science students were taught how to write a business plan, then put into teams together with a student from … Read More

NZ’s no 8 wire, corroding - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Nov 03, 2009

Fellow SciBlogger Shaun Hendy is in the news with his interesting analysis of OECD patents. Our no 8 wire mentality might not be so spectacular after all. Internationally, NZ is behind the curve for two reasons: low funding and a small population. Our R&D funding as a portion of GDP is well below the OECD average, though at this … Read More

Networks of inventors - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Sep 28, 2009

Over the last six months I’ve been studying an OECD patent database with a research assistant, Catriona Sissons. The goal of our project is to study the economic geography of innovation in a quantitative manner. One of the things we have investigated is whether collaborative networks form between inventors through co-patenting. To find co-patents between inventors we use European Patent … Read More

A measure of science - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Sep 26, 2009

As a theoretical physicist and applied mathematician, I’m interested in using numbers to describe all sorts of phenomena. And as a researcher in the MacDiarmid Institute, I’m also interested in innovation. So for me, it’s natural to try to study innovation quantitatively. One of the goals of this blog will be to look at science innovation using tools developed … Read More