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The options for Hector’s and Māui dolphins - Making Waves

Otago Marine Science Sep 01, 2019

Professor Liz Slooten and Professor Steve Dawson, University of Otago The recently released Threat Management Plan for Hector’s and Maui dolphins presents government’s proposals for better protection from entanglement in fishing nets and other threats. Better options than any in the Threat Management Plan have been recommended by New Zealand and international experts. Worse options have been proposed by … Read More

Japan resumes commercial whaling – researchers on how the world should respond - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 02, 2019

Sui Phang, University of Portsmouth and Peter Bridgewater, University of Canberra Japan recently left the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and has now caught the first whale in its waters since resuming commercial whaling, 33 years after a global ban came into effect. As a non-member, Japan is no longer bound by the International Convention … Read More

Murky waters: why is Japan still whaling in the Southern Ocean? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 23, 2017

By Indi Hodgson-Johnston, University of Tasmania Photographs allegedly showing Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean emerged this week. Coinciding with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Australia, critics have called for greater action from the Australian government on the issue. Japan has stated that, despite various resolutions at the International Whaling Commission and criticism … Read More

Antarctica’s blue whales are split into three distinct populations - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 09, 2016

Catherine R. M. Attard, Flinders University; Luciana Möller, Flinders University, and Luciano Beheregaray, Flinders University Antarctica’s critically endangered blue whales, the world’s largest animal, are made up of three populations, according to our new DNA analysis. Although the groups occur together when feeding in Antarctic waters, they are genetically distinct. This suggests that … Read More

Calls for tighter reins on Japanese whaling - News

Sarah-Jane O'Connor Jan 21, 2016

With Japanese whalers back in the Southern Ocean and minke whales in their sights, scientists are calling for tighter reviews on the supposed scientific basis for the hunts. In a correspondence piece written to Nature, a group of representatives from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) called the science behind Japan’s hunts into question. Japanese whalers have a target of … Read More