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Supreme Court ruling on NZ’s largest irrigation dam proposal respects conservation law and protected land - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 28, 2017

Christine Cheyne, Massey University Earlier this month, New Zealand’s Supreme Court rejected a proposed land swap that would have flooded conservation land for the construction of the country’s largest irrigation dam. The court was considering whether the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s investment arm could build a dam on 22 hectares of the protected Ruahine Forest Park in … Read More

Water pricing and bottling plants - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Mar 27, 2017

And here we go for another edition of “Because you’ve misspecified the problem, your proposed solution might make things worse.” The past couple of weeks have had renewed anger about water bottling plants. If you buy land with water drawing rights attached to it, you don’t get charged for drawing that water. The value of the water is baked into … Read More

Adapting agriculture to a changing climate - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden May 06, 2013

This is a guest post by Dr Gavin Kenny1, a New Zealand scientist who has worked on agricultural adaptation to climate change in NZ and world wide. He has a very interesting and informed perspective on the sorts of things NZ agriculture should be doing to address climate change as it happens — exactly the [...] … Read More

Canterbury does not have 70% of New Zealand’s freshwater, it has 12% - Waiology

Waiology Oct 29, 2012

By Daniel Collins In the Christchurch Press today there is an article about the race to irrigate Canterbury. In it is the following statement: “Canterbury had 70 per cent of New Zealand’s fresh water resource, and 34 per cent of its hydro-generation capacity.” Unfortunately the 70% is an error that has appeared in the past and it is … Read More

The importance of groundwater - Waiology

Waiology Nov 14, 2011

By Tiejun Wang Groundwater is one of the most important natural resources in New Zealand, which by one estimate accounts for about 80% of the water present at any one time across and beneath the country. According to a 2010 review of water allocation [2], the number of groundwater consents accounts for 68% of all national consents. In … Read More

Water storage is not a panacea - Waiology

Waiology Nov 07, 2011

By Daniel Collins Federated Farmers released their election year manifesto last week. In the press release, President Bruce Wills said: “Water storage represents New Zealand’s strategic ace. Water storage removes the annual lottery all New Zealanders face from La Niña, El Niño or a changing climate. Our rainfall is plentiful but we miss opportunities with most of it washing … Read More

As seen on TV - Waiology

Waiology Nov 01, 2011

By Daniel Collins ‘Water. It turns the turbines that power our country, and it irrigates the fields that power our economy.’ With that, John Watt introduced an episode of ‘Ever Wondered?’ about water. Three NIWA scientists, myself included, were among those who featured in the half-hour show. The thrust of the episode was to examine how much water … Read More

Eco-friendly vs appropriate technology - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Jul 14, 2010

The BBC has a nice photo essay on the up-take of a low-tech irrigation device – a treadle pump. The BBC, perhaps echoing IDEI, is calling it “eco-friendly”. But it’s not. There’s nothing environmentally friendly about pumping out more water from an aquifer than is recharged. Even pumping less than the recharge rate can be problematic for groundwater-dependent … Read More