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A new crater on the Moon - Out of Space

Duncan Steel May 21, 2019

[avatar user=”duncansteel” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” /] The scar on the lunar surface produced when the Israeli space probe ‘Beresheet’ slammed into the Moon on April 11 has just been spotted using an orbiting NASA satellite.  Three nations have so far landed spacecraft on the Moon: the USA, the Soviet Union/Russia, and China. A fourth nation, Israel, has attempted to join this … Read More

Nothing but blue sky… and it pays off - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Aug 31, 2015

Around the world there’s growing pressure on blue skies research as cash-strapped governments look for quick answers to complex questions. In Israel, I spoke to numerous Nobel Laureates who bemoaned this state of affairs. They told me that they would not have made their discoveries if they hadn’t been given the remit to follow their curiosity. Some of them made discoveries … Read More

Israel: Startup Nation - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Aug 28, 2015

Sciblogs editor and Science Media Centre director Peter Griffin spent a week in Israel attending the World Science Conference and visiting some of the country’s most innovative technology startups. Check back here for new posts documenting the insights he gained from the ‘startup nation’. Also check out Peter Griffin’s interview with Radio New Zealand about Israel’s startup ecosystem. Read More

When boring is good - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Aug 21, 2015

“Do you ever feel tired during the day? Do you suffer from mild headaches?” The questions were coming thick and fast from Gabi Arad, of Israeli medical device maker Itamar, which is based in the ancient Roman town of Caeserea, halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The previous night I’d worn to bed Itamar’s US$5,000 WatchPAT device, a bulky watch … Read More

Is science the new peace plan? - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Aug 17, 2015

Could science be the bridgehead for peaceful collaboration in the Middle East where all else has failed? That’s the question preoccupying many at the World Conference of Science being held in Israel where 15 Nobel Laureates are holding a week of lectures and panel discussions for 400 high school and university students from 70 countries. If anyone expected the Nobel … Read More

A suggestion for the ATI EB…..and a ‘to note’ - Stick

Peter Kerr Aug 23, 2012

With the makeup and function of the Advanced Technology Institute Establishment Board recently made public; dispensing a suggestion is decidedly easy before they get a huge job underway. So, on that front, assuming the ATI’s brief is relatively wide ranging, … Continue reading → … Read More

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