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Record Arctic Sea-ice minimum 2012 declared – it’s the Silly Season! - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Sep 23, 2012

In early August I posted my predictions for the “sceptical” response to the record sea ice minimum. Time to call myself to account. I had planned to do my own analysis, but John Mason at Skeptical Science has done such an excellent job of ploughing through the mountains of bullshit that I asked his permission [...] … Read More

Back in Judy’s jungle - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Oct 25, 2010

Judith Curry is a climate scientist who in recent times has achieved prominence in accusing her colleagues of groupthink, criticising the IPCC process, and suggesting that scientists can gain from more tolerant engagement with the sceptics. She is not a sceptic of the science herself, but unsurprisingly she has been welcomed by many of the deniers [...] … Read More