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Scientists – Made in NZ - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Oct 03, 2012

On the weekend I picked up a newly released book, “Made in New Zealand”, by Chris Miram and Ross Land. Comprising of short interviews with New Zealanders who have excelled in various fields it “examines the attitudes and attributes of New Zealanders through the eyes and experiences of some of our highest and most prominent achievers.” Included in the book … Read More

What is the (e) in your eResearch? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 16, 2010

By Julian Carver First eMail, then eCommerce, eBusiness & eProcurement, eGovernment, eDating, and now eResearch. Does simply putting an ‘e’ in front of an existing practice make it somehow sexier, and more now? I headed along to the Wellington eResearch Symposium last week to find out. OK, that’s not true. I did go to … Read More