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Climate link to huge human upheaval - News

Sarah-Jane O'Connor Feb 05, 2016

New DNA evidence suggests a major upheaval of humans living around Europe at the end of the last Ice Age, apparently linked to severe climatic instability. Les Closeaux at Rueil-Malmaison, Paris Basin, France. L. Lang Ancient bones and teeth of people who lived in Europe over the span of 30,000 years were used to establish this unknown period of … Read More

Stick Insects: The Clone Wars - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves Jul 30, 2014

Spot the Clitarchus hookeri After the end of the last Ice Age, as forest replaced the tundra covering much of the South Island, a clone army of female-only stick insects advanced slowly across the land. Thousands of years later, they are still holding ground against the more efficient sexual population of the same species living in the north. Associate … Read More