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Regulation of Natural Health Products consultation - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 04, 2016

Below are some loose thoughts on a first reading of the consultation document for the Regulation of Natural Health Products consultation. I don’t intend this post to be an article, as I usually would write here. It is meant to air a few thoughts I have on reading this document to invite comment. Suggestions … Read More

3 Strikes: It’s working - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Oct 02, 2015

It looks like New Zealand’s version of three-strikes for criminal offending is working. Here’s Graeme Edgeler’s analysis. You need to be careful when crafting OIA questions around this sort of comparison, and I am relying on the Ministry of Justice to have correctly understood my intention. It is not enough to compare the number of convictions before and after … Read More

Special Licences and the Rugby World Cup - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Aug 27, 2015

So, what’s the deal with special licences then? The Greens’ minority view on legislation enabling extended bar hours during the Rugby World Cup noted that special licences can do the job that the legislation is meant to do, and that the committee heard no evidence of special licence applications being refused and no submissions from licensees dissatisfied with the process. Read More

In defence of (some) science scepticism – a lawyer's view - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 03, 2014

by Dr Nicole Moreham Since becoming a Rutherford Discovery Fellow in 2011, I have often found myself in the company of scientists. Not surprisingly, I regard them as a highly impressive bunch – intelligent, thoughtful and deeply committed to what they do. There is one area though where I quite often find myself disagreeing with what people in the wider science community say: that … Read More

Kids in court: how cross-examination can kill the truth - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves May 07, 2014

Dr Rachel Zajac Dr Rachel Zajac works at the intersection of psychology and law. She’s looked at how jurors make their decisions, why eyewitnesses are often mistaken, and why forensic science evidence might not be as reliable as it looks on TV. With clever experiments and careful research, she works to prevent miscarriages of justice. Now she’s focused on … Read More

Market deregulation → ↑ fast food consumption → ↑ obesity. Clever international study that includes NZ data - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Feb 05, 2014

Professor Tony Blakely. A clever study just published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization has analyzed how changes in fast food transactions per capita within 25 high-income countries was associated with changes in body mass index (BMI).  The … Continue reading → … Read More

Can Kim Dotcom's Mega beat the law where Megaupload failed? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 30, 2013

By Karl Schaffarczyk, University of Canberra Just 12 months after being arrested for copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering for his involvement with now-defunct cyberlocker Megaupload, and despite facing extradition from New Zealand to the US to face such charges, Kim Dotcom has launched Megaupload’s successor: Mega. Flamboyant internet mogul Kim Dotcom The site went … Read More