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Hawking radiation in the lab - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 21, 2013

A highlight of the recent NZ Institute of Physics conference was the Dan Walls medal talk given by Matt Visser. Matt has been working on general relativity. That's not desparately unusual for a physicist, but Matt has been successful in working on some of the crazier aspects of relativity and getting it published - wormholes, dumb holes … Read More

Time travel - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Aug 24, 2012

On Monday evening this week I managed to do a bit of time travelling while driving back home. I was driving back through one of those heavy showers that have been marauding around the place recently, with windscreen wipers full pelt on a rather wet roa... Read More

Faster-than-light neutrinos again - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Feb 21, 2012

This morning I was over in Tauranga giving a talk to the Continuing Education group (i.e. 'older' people) on the CERN - Gran Sasso neutrino experiment. (For those interested, you should be able to download the full paper on this work  here.) My philosophy is that no piece of work is too difficult to explain to … Read More

Was that a Higgs I just saw? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 14, 2011

Well, CERN was certainly twittering away last night, though, to be fair, I'm glad I didn't stay up for the press conference. Some things are worth trading in your sleep for, such as an eclipse of the moon (occasionally) or other astronomical event, an Ashes test, a Royal Wedding (just about), but, I'm afraid, not a seminar on … Read More

Elections and antimatter - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 21, 2011

Reading opinion polls in the papers tends to cause despair and hilarity in roughly equal measure. Despair, not because my current favourite party might be nose-diving in the polls, rather because of the journalists scant regard for statistics, and hilarity for the way a story is built up where no story exists.A really, really rough understanding of statistics is all … Read More