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LHC happenings - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 15, 2009

A couple of weeks ago the Large Hadron Collider became the world's highest energy particle accelerator, reaching a beam energy of 1.18 TeV. It also breaks the 1 TeV barrier for the first time, taking the record of the Tevatron at Fermilab, near Chicago.The equipment is gradually being 'tuned up' and hopefully we will see some very interesting things … Read More

Blink and you miss it - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 24, 2009

First collisions in the Large Hadron Colliderhttp://press.web.cern.ch/press/PressReleases/Releases2009/PR17.09E.htmlOnly at a 'paltry' 0.45 TeV per beam (CERN are wanting to ramp that up to about 3.5 TeV per beam over the next few months) but one can really now say that the LHC 'works'.  … Read More

You heard it hear second - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 22, 2009

 I've got better things to do at the weekend than following CERN's tweets about the LHC. Consequently this posting is about 24 hours out of date. Oh well. The LHC has circulating beams in it again, with not a time-travelling baguette in sight.http://press.web.cern.ch/press/PressReleases/Releases2009/PR16.09E.html … Read More

Quietly hopeful at CERN - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 16, 2009

http://cdsweb.cern.ch/journal/CERNBulletin/2009/47/News%20Articles/1221074?ln=enThings must be going well in Geneva - there is a suggestion that beams will be in both tunnels in just over a week, and collisions could follow soon after. Read More

Group dynamics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 10, 2009

Well, I went down to Wellington last Thursday and presented at the Science Express event at Te Papa. It was the third time I've done a talk in that manner on the Large Hadron Collider, and it was for me intriguing how the audiences have picked up on different things each time.The first time (Hamilton, late … Read More

What’s the catch? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 05, 2009

Last weekend Alison Campbell and I took a trip to New Plymouth to do a day session with final year school students to help them prepare for their physics and biology scholarship exams. (Alison did the Biology half, I did the physics). I do hope the students got something useful out of it. Doing this kind of thing certainly … Read More

Anti-gravity - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 28, 2009

There are some lovely physics demonstrations that get repeatedly wheeled-out for things like Open Day and visits from school groups. Things like holding a spinning bike wheel on a rotating chair (flip it over and you start rotating - conservation of angular momentum) and levitating a piece of superconductor above a magnet at liquid nitrogen temperatures.  But one thing that I've … Read More

No I don’t have the LHC timetable - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 24, 2009

If you want to know when not to expect annihilation of the earth following a second-big-bang in the Large Hadron Collider, I'm afraid the best I can offer you is a link to their press site.http://press.web.cern.ch/press/lhc-first-physics/schedule/They are being very coy about exactly when things will happen. Read More

Gravitational Waves - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 20, 2009

One of my undergraduate students has been researching gravitational waves this year. Last Friday, he gave a nice presentation on the subject.Gravitational waves are one of the many examples of waves in physics. We are perhaps more used to waves on the surface of water, or waves along a guitar string, or electromagnetic waves (such as radio waves and light), and, … Read More

Large Hadron Collider activity - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 14, 2009

Activity is really hotting up (should that be 'cooling down'?) at CERN as the Large Hadron Collider is prepared again for proton-proton collisions, hopefully in November. Most of the beam tunnel is now at operating temperature (1.9 K), with the rest expected to be ready very soon. I would expect to see the collider hitting mainstream media again shortly. The latest … Read More