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Seeing spots before my eyes - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 23, 2015

"Doctor, Doctor, I keep seeing spots before my eyes" "Have you ever seen an optician?" "No, just spots". The concept of seeing an optician floating across my field of view is a scary one indeed. However, the concept of seeing spots doing the same is one I'm coming to terms with.  I had a talk … Read More

Hawking radiation in the lab - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 21, 2013

A highlight of the recent NZ Institute of Physics conference was the Dan Walls medal talk given by Matt Visser. Matt has been working on general relativity. That's not desparately unusual for a physicist, but Matt has been successful in working on some of the crazier aspects of relativity and getting it published - wormholes, dumb holes … Read More

Precision Cosmology – Yeah, Right! - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 27, 2013

We've just had our first session at the NZ Institute of Physics Conference. The focus was on astrophysics, and we heard from Richard Easther about 'Precision Cosmology' – measuring things about the universe accurately enough to test theories and models of the universe. We ablso heard about binary stars and supernovae, and evidence for the existence of dark matter … Read More

Hotspot and Silicone Tape - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Aug 09, 2013

Well, today's big story is just perfect for PhysicsStop. Cricket meets physics. What more could I ask for.In case you've just arrived from Alpha Centauri,  there have been accusations flying that both English and Australian batsmen have been tryin... Read More

What’s in a colour? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jul 23, 2013

When I was young (about six-ish)  I had a variety of ambitions. Some of them I shared with a lot of other boys of my age, such as being a train driver and playing cricket for England. Some were more particular to me, such as becoming a biologist a... Read More

Astrosquid! - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Mar 27, 2013

What is the value of blue-skies research? This is a question often asked by politicians and the public. Why should public money be spent funding science that seems to have no obvious benefit beyond generating scientific knowledge? The simple answer is that it can be almost impossible to predict what new avenues that scientific knowledge will open up. Take … Read More