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Christchurch’s liquefaction (infographic) - Visibly Shaken

Peter Griffin Sep 06, 2010

One of the interesting aspects of the earthquake’s impact on Christchurch has been the phenomenon of liquefaction, where soil and sand is compacted and water is forced to the surface. There have been many reports of sand volcanoes, water fountains and severe cracking of the ground – all the result of soil liquefaction. ECAN has released this useful … Read More

Initial Thoughts on the Canterbury Earthquake - The Science of Architecture

Ken Collins Sep 06, 2010

Deans Homestead - Photo from stuff.co.nz The big earthquake in Canterbury last weekend has certainly reminded us just how shaky our isles are, in dramatic fashion. While our thoughts are with all of those affected, and we are all grateful that there has been no loss of life, the quake has exposed — very graphically — just how buildings react … Read More

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