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Long COVID: a crucial reason for vax, mask, and distance - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Mar 22, 2022

Prof John D. Potter* Long COVID occurs in at least 20-30% of individuals who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and is strongly related to the severity of the initial illness. There are insufficient data to provide a trajectory or a timeline for duration and resolution. The downstream damage can affect: brain, heart, lungs, pancreatic beta cells (resulting in diabetes), muscles, … Read More

Establishing Long COVID services in Aotearoa NZ – what can we learn from overseas? - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Mar 21, 2022

Robyn Whittaker, Rosie Dobson, Felicity Oh, Sharon Russell, Karen Carter, Penny Andrew* Long COVID (LC) is becoming a substantial issue internationally and many countries are establishing dedicated health services to support people with the condition. In this blog, we discuss what LC services look like overseas and identify key components and considerations for the development of high quality and culturally … Read More

Social media, activism, trucker caps: the fascinating story behind long COVID - COVID-19

Guest Author Sep 28, 2021

Deborah Lupton, UNSW   Today, we use the term “long COVID” to describe the lingering symptoms some people have many weeks or months after infection. But how long COVID came to be recognised by doctors and the wider community shows us the power of patient activism, networking, research skills and persistence. Using social media, patients collected … Read More

Why governments will have to consider the costs of long COVID when easing pandemic restrictions - COVID-19

Guest Author Jul 27, 2021

Richard Meade, Auckland University of Technology   With governments worldwide under pressure to ease pandemic restrictions as vaccination rates rise and impatience with border restrictions grows, new threats become clearer. One of the costliest, it is now feared, could be a tsunami of “long COVID” cases. Long COVID is a serious ongoing illness that follows an acute episode of the … Read More

Long COVID: who is at risk? - COVID-19

Guest Author Jan 06, 2021

Frances Williams, King’s College London For most people, infection with SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19 – leads to mild, short-term symptoms, acute respiratory illness, or possibly no symptoms at all. But some people have long-lasting symptoms after their infection – this has been dubbed “long COVID”. Scientists are still researching long COVID. It’s not well understood, though our … Read More

The long-term health burden of COVID-19: further justification for NZ’s elimination strategy - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Sep 24, 2020

Prof John D. Potter* This blog briefly surveys the emerging scientific evidence on the longer-term burden of symptoms and disease in survivors of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these symptoms point to damage in the brain and heart. These long-term harms add to the wide range of other reasons for Aotearoa/New Zealand to persist with its successful COVID-19 elimination strategy. Read More