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Skywatching southerners have chance to see selenelion this Saturday morning - Out of Space

Duncan Steel Jul 26, 2018

A few minutes after 8am this Saturday those further south in New Zealand will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness a rare celestial event: a selenelion (or selenehelion). What is that? It’s when the eclipsed Moon can be seen on one horizon, whilst the rising Sun can also be observed near the opposite horizon. One might think … Read More

Movement of the Moon - Honest Universe

Mark Hanna Oct 11, 2014

If you were up late last Wednesday, you’d have gotten the chance to watch the second total lunar eclipse this year. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves directly between the Moon and the Sun, therefore blocking the light to the Moon and making it turn dark. This is very cool to watch, especially […] … Read More

Book yourself in for a lunar eclipse (with quiz) - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 14, 2010

Following on from this morning’s space theme, a reminder for New Zealanders and Australians to pencil the late evening of June 26th into their diaries. For New Zealanders, the partial lunar eclipse will occur from approximately 10:30pm until 12:30am. The midpoint of the eclipse should be at 11:38pm. [caption id="attachment_2548" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="(Source wikipedia.)"][/caption] … Read More