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Citizen scientist scuba divers shed light on the impact of warming oceans on marine life - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 02, 2018

Madeleine De Gabriele, The Conversation This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Rising ocean temperatures may result in worldwide change for shallow reef ecosystems, according to research published yesterday in Science Advances. The study, based on thousands of surveys carried out by volunteer scuba divers, gives new insights into the … Read More

Safe to go in the water? The ‘bleeding legs’ sea flea mystery - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf Aug 10, 2017

The story has gone viral around the world  – a teenager, Sam Kanizay, dips his legs in the water after soccer practice in Melbourne and emerges bleeding profusely, and in hospital for days, with dramatic headlines of mysterious flesh eating sea creatures to blame. So what’s the likely culprit and do we need to fear getting in the water here? … Read More

Whale of a problem: why do humpbacks protect other species? - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 17, 2016

By Tracey Rogers, UNSW Australia A group of killer whales are on the hunt. They work together to submerge and drown a whale calf. But then more whales appear. The newly arrived humpbacks bellow a trumpet-like call, and wield their five-metre-long pectoral flippers like swords against the prowling killer whales. The killer whales are driven away from the … Read More

Deep-sea critter madness: new species, new photos - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jul 07, 2010

I love Wired.* Sea cucumber. And nope, it's not CG... I also love strange deep-sea critters, and brilliant photos of them.  So this recent article in Wired is a quite a treat. Captured between 700 and 3,660 (or so) metres** deep along the mid-Atlantic ridge***, it showcases 10 new deepwater species which … Read More