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Weird Science: A Pommy prank nearly named a $340m research vessel RRS Boaty McBoatface - Guest Work

Guest Work Dec 31, 2016

If we learned one thing in 2016, it’s that you can never trust the public to make a sound decision, and that’s exactly what happened when the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) held a vote to choose the name of its brand new $340m research ship. The winner, by a very wide margin, was Royal Research Ship … Read More

New Auckland Museum Three Kings Islands Expedition - Field Work

Guest Work Apr 11, 2013

From Alison Ballance, blogger for the Three Kings Islands Marine Expedition. Many people know the Three Kings islands as the site of the Elingamite wreck, and for over a hundred years treasure hunters have flocked here in search of gold and silver. But for the scientists of the Three Kings Islands Marine Expedition these islands hold treasures of … Read More