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Squid team finds high species diversity off Kermadec Islands, part of stalled marine reserve proposal - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 10, 2019

Kat Bolstad, Auckland University of Technology and Heather Braid, Auckland University of Technology Squids and octopuses could be considered the “parrots of the ocean”. Some are smart, and many have complex behaviours. And, of course, they have strange, bird-like beaks. They are the subject of ancient myths and legends about sea monsters, but they do not … Read More

Book review: Big, bold and blue – Lessons from Australia’s Marine Protected Areas - Scibooks

SciBooks Oct 04, 2016

By Raewyn Peart As of 2015, Australia has designated over a third of its waters as marine protected areas, leaving much to be learnt from their experience – as is covered in a new book on the topic. This impressive book, edited by James Fitzsimons and Geoff Westcott, provides a comprehensive description of progress with establishing networks of marine … Read More

The race for vast remote ‘marine protected areas’ may be a diversion - Guest Work

Guest Author Sep 06, 2016

Peter JS Jones, UCL and Elizabeth De Santo, Franklin & Marshall College The seas around Hawaii are set to become the world’s largest marine protected area, US president Barack Obama has announced. The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument will be expanded to more than 1.5m square kilometres – that’s as big as France, Spain and Germany … Read More

Treaty of Waitangi leads conservation innovation - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves Sep 01, 2016

Dr Giles Dodson Co-governance with Māori could create more support for marine reserves, says new Royal Society of New Zealand Council member Giles Dodson. But the legislation doesn’t support it. Innovative co-governance of conservation areas is happening – but through Treaty of Waitangi negotiations, says Dr Dodson, rather than traditional conservation legislation. Dr Dodson, a Senior Lecturer at Unitec … Read More

Marine reserve overhaul – how to make the most of this opportunity - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 10, 2016

By Associate Professor Mark Costello and Dr Daniel Hikuroa If you care about having fish to eat, recreational fishing, and enjoying a natural environment then you should be responding to the governments consultation document on a proposed Marine Protected Areas Act by 5pm tomorrow Friday 11th March 2016. Along with the recent decision to extend the Kermadec Islands … Read More