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Come on ATI, tell us what you’re thinking – please! - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 15, 2012

Those of us who care about creating more national wealth through better commercialisation, innovation and implementation by leveraging our science capability really want to see the Advanced Technology Institute succeed. The ATI will be, after all, an important stepping stone … Continue reading → … Read More

Let’s accept now that the ATI will find it very difficult to kick off by February next year - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 25, 2012

By the look of things, maybe we should accept, now, that the Advanced Technology Institute won’t be up and running by 1 Feb 2012. This was a two-month postponement from the original 1 November 2012 date – but the way … Continue reading → … Read More

Foolproof market validation tool for those of us who would be fools - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 18, 2012

‘Foolproof’ (great title) has been inspired by much of a working life immersed in entrepreneurial startups. Its author, Jenny Douché likes to think of the 188 page book as a resource for anyone looking to create or grow a business. … Continue reading → … Read More

If we imagine beyond the actuality of how we produce…. - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 16, 2012

This post also appears at www.pastureharmonies.org Science has served New Zealand agriculture extremely well. It should and needs to do so in the future. It is also that pragmatic rationale approach that has delivered and developed a wonderfully integrated on-farm … Continue reading → … Read More

ATI Establishment Board role far bigger than most people realise - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 27, 2012

For something that has the extremely important job of kicking along (on an NZ Inc basis) the never simple endeavour of turning of an idea into income, the Advanced Technology Institute’s Establishment Board has so far operated very below the … Continue reading → … Read More

Pastoral method’s lack of a brand/name is the opposite of the ‘tragedy of the commons’ - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 20, 2012

Our failure to neither name nor own the story to our pastoral method is a type of opposite ‘tragedy of the commons’. (See Wikipedia’s explanation here). The TotC was (and still is in some arenas, e.g. fishing) an overuse and … Continue reading → … Read More

So, tell me why we shouldn’t be global custodians of responsible pastoralism? - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 04, 2012

(This is a copy of a new blog, pasture Harmonies, which can be found at www.pastureharmonies.org) The purpose of this blog discussion is to debate whether New Zealand Inc should become global custodians of responsible pastoralism. It is test the … Continue reading → … Read More

Gunning for better play; Makerspace takes aim at crowdfunding - Stick

Peter Kerr Aug 28, 2012

The Wellington Makerspace [TWMS] wants to build a better gun, well that’s not strictly true. The community actually play a lot of what are commonly known as first person shooters [FPS], such as Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Team Fortress and … Continue reading → … Read More