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Sciblogs Podcast episode 39: Curiosity thrills - The Sciblogs Podcast

Peter Griffin Aug 10, 2012

We missed a week of the Sciblogs podcast to do some extra interviews for the Sciblogs podcast special on the Curiosity Mars Rover landing – the biggest science news event since, well the discover of the Higgs Boson. NASA scientists celebrate Curiosity’s successful landing You’ll enjoy the insights New Zealand scientists provide in the podcast on the Curiosity mission. Read More

NASA's Curiosity is on Mars safely – so now what? - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 07, 2012

By Kevin Orrman-Rossiter, University of Melbourne At 3.31pm today (AEST) the NASA control room in Pasadena, California erupted after people heard these three simple words: “touchdown signal detected”. This diminutive sentence signalled that the Curiosity rover had safely landed on Mars. After a “picture perfect launch” on November 26 last year and a 254 day voyage to … Read More